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  • Ismet Himmet

Philly Shell meets Chinese Boxing

JITA (JAB IS THE ANSWER) - Headmotion Fusion

Jab Is The Answer is the classic Chinese Boxing Handwork for the Beginners where you deal with punches from 8 directions (only lead hand), 6 attacks (combining lead&cross), and 4 threats (from orthodox).

In addition, we work here on the Philly Shell Boxing Guard.

Head-motion and the 'shielding on body' guard is one of the most exciting Boxing Styles to me because its defensive posture fits almost 100% our Daoist related 'ZHI TIAN HUA DI' ['Show to the Heaven, paint the Earth' Stance] Hand & Arm Position, where ONE arm/hand [the front one) shows downwards and the rear arm/hand is near chin and between chin and front shoulder, ready to parry. In this free drill and flow we were trying out both styles.

Coming week I will explain about this Addition of Philly Shell Defence Style to our classical JAB IS THE ANSWER Program.

Stay tuned ! We will talk about most positive take-aways from this Style, but also the weak points.

What's the main reason why we STILL relay on 'blocking' the incoming attacks instead of 'bob-n-weave' ALL attacks?

Why it's STILL necessary to have additional tools in order to have answer options for very special situations?

What are those situation and when exactly we use what style?

How we can make the natural instinct work for us and reflex-school the various different styles, so they come at the right moment and hit the right target - natural, without we needing to think of them?

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