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  • Ismet Himmet

Good Vibes

Inspirational Variations are that what makes us Human in my opinion.

I personally do not know any other being that is free to variate into ANY possible or better to say; impossible situation/solution. The human being is not an EXPERT on one or a few skills. The insect is. The animal is. Maybe the rest of the nature, but not the Human.

The insects for example have their very unique SKILL and they are master in exactly THAT, but nothing else. They are EXPERTS in one way to their very specific needs. The human is different than that. The human being is free to adapt and use whats useful. Through his emotions the human can change into what ever vibe he likes to.. this is not the same with the animals. While the human is able to switch from one appearance to a total other one, any other being is not able to accomplish that. That diversity as well as richness on possibilities that is under the power of a human being makes him super-natural in my opinion.

Never be a 'one-skill-fighter'. You are not an insect. You are human.

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