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  • Ismet Himmet

Clinch Defence

By many misunderstood - the clinch - was and is always topic for most martial artists. By Traditional Martial Artists often you see 'simple' and 'magic' ways to get out of the clinch hold - which I believe - is often completely far from reality.

I made a video on exactly that topic - to share my views on it and also point out a lot of misunderstandings. You don't get out of a Clinch like it's a kids-game with a magic technique IF the guy who clinches you is actually a 'clincher' and knows how this stuff works. You can not simply say "The Thai Guys couldn't figure this out, cause they don't have the know how in their sport .." These guys clinch from their childhood and you are not really gonna mess with them with your magic technique ! See in the video what I have to say about it and our ways to deal with it.

In this video there are 2 main holds showed. Of course there are more.. but just to understand the 'reality' of it.. it is something to start off with I guess.


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